Bhaiya Mere Rakhi ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana

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Sonakshi Sinha at kapil sharma show

On the last episode of The Kapil Sharma Show Sonakshi Sinha came to Kapil Home as a guest for the promotion of her upcoming film Akira which is going to release this year in September. This was the very first time when Sonakshi was visiting the Kapil House.

In the mid on the show suddenly Sonakshi changed the topic and said “when I came to show I said that I came without anything. But can you believe that I can come without anything? I have something for you Kapil”. Sonakshi carried a Rakhi with her and Tie on the Hand of Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu also told a very beautiful Sayri for Kapil.

" करदी महफ़िल रोशन यहाँ आकर |

बिठा के चाहत की कस्ती में खिवैया बना दिया |

जो चाहता था खुद को सइयां बनाना |

ऐसा मारा छक्का की भैया बना दिया |

As I tell that Sonakshi came for the promotion for her movie. She also shared many things about her movie. She said that Akira is the story of a very strong girl and her name is also Akira in the film. She is one of the very strong kind of girl and never allow miss behavior or wrong deed around her. The reason of Akira nature is her father. From the childhood, her father trained her very roughly to make her strong. And the whole story is around how Akira overcome all the miss behaviors and corruption in the system.

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