Ghazal King At Kapil Sharma House

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Ghazal King At Kapil Sharma House

On the 37th episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. The Kings Of Ghazal Sangeet visit kapil’s house. I think that you will find the guest name. Ok, no problem we tell you. The first guest was Mr. Anup Jalota ”A famous Bhajan singer” also known as Bhajan Samrat. One of the most popular Bhajan Geet by Anup Jatola is "Aisi Lagi Lagan Meera Ho Gai Magan". The second guest of the show was Mr. Talat Aziz “A very famous Ghazal singer” And the last one was very famous “Pankaj Udhas”.

As we know that Navjot Singh Sidhu always shares a sayri in honor of special guest. So he also share a beautiful sayri for the Ghazal Samrats.

खनकती सुन्दर आवाज ने सात सुरो को सवारा है |

गीत बनाये मधुर गजलो को मौसकी से सवारा है |

आप तीनो का संगम देख कर लग रहा है,

जैसे गंगा जमुना सरस्वती की मिल रही धरा है |

और आपने हमें संगीत की त्रिवेणी में उतारा है |

As we know that all of three are the kings of Gazal singing. If we talk about the subject of Gazal. Then we can’t forget these three names. They bring Gazal Sangeet to its heights. Talat Aziz sir took his entry with a very beautiful Gazal song “zindgi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar, koi samjha nahi koi jana nahi”. They also sing some most beautiful Gazal for the public and share some memorable remembrance during the show. As we know that Navjot Singh Sidhu always present a Sayri for the special guests. They share this sayri in honour of all three guests.

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