Rithesh And Nargish Fakri Best Moments At Kapil show

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The Kapil Sharma Show’s Rithesh & Nargish Fakri Episode

The best moments of this episide was was Ritesh Deshmukh entry on set of The Kapil Sharma Show. He takes his entry to the Kapil Sharma Show by playing his musical instrument. If you are a lover of Kapil Show so i think that you will be watched the episode but if you missed. Then must watch Ritesh Deshmukh’s entry seen in the episode. He is playing amazing like a rockstar.

Ritesh Deshmukh also touches the topic of Kapil Sharma and BMC fight. What happened that Kapil asked to Ritesh that you regularly came to our show to promote your movies. So why you doesn’t join our team. In the answer, Ritesh said that “I read anywhere about your income tax and I was amazed. My 5 year income is lower than your income tax so, I think I must join you. Then Kapil replied very smartly that it was just a rumor with fact.

Navjot Singh Sidhu who always tell poetries when any special guest visits the show. This time, Nargis Fakri was the special guest and she was coming for the first time on the show. So how Sidhu Pajji can stop himself. he tells a beautiful poetry for her.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Sayri For Nargis Fakri

"जिनकी लहराती जुल्फों में ये हवाएं गुम हो जाती है |
मिला के उनसे नजर धड़कने खो जाती है |
कपिल और रितेश देशकुख तुम कितने भी पापड़ बेल लो |
लेकिन हीरोइन सबसे पहले क्रिकेटर से इम्प्रेस हो जाती है |

But what interesting thing happened that because Nargis doesn’t understand Hindi so Ritesh translated his poetry to her that he is saying that you are beautiful and he is like brother and father figure to her. Then Sidhu Pajji tells one more poetry but this time for Ritesh and Kapil.

"क्यों जलते हुए अरमानो के दिए बुझा रहे हो |
अपने साथ-साथ हमारी भी कस्ती डूब रहे हो |
खुद की रोटी तो तुम शेक नहीं सके दोस्त |
चालाकी से मेरा भी पराठा जला रहे हो |

Dharmesh who is famous for his dancing also joins the show. He is also the part of the film Banjo. Kapil tells the audience the first big break which Dharmesh get in his dancing career was on Sony TV. He was the winner of Boogie Woogie TV Show on Sony Television. Kapil also reveals one thing about the life of Dharmesh that he has Misal Pav stall in Vadodara and now he is the famous personality in Bollywood industry only because of his hard work and years of struggles.

Because in the film Banjo, he is playing as an actor, not as a dancer. He share his experience about the acting in the film that It was really a difficult job for me to act in the movie because there is nothing about to show my talent of dancing. There is pure acting but Ritesh Bhai help me alot.

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